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July 30th, 2012
Canberra Cup Results 2012
Full placings and awards were
1st D_Arquebus - Chaos Pact
2nd BeefyGoodness - Lizardmen
3rd Grumpsh - Wood Elves
4th Big_A - Chaos Pact
5th MMM - Wood Elves
6th Shadow - Elves (Most TD)
7th RightStuffRiley - Slaan
8th Azza - Chaos Pact (Most Cas, Best Painted Team)
9th Sumbloke - Halfling (passing his 100th NAF game)
10th Grimrod - Chaos (Best Painted Mini)
11th James/Keith - Slaan
12th Drakeular - Underworld
13th Lelruthus - Goblin
14th Carbrawn - Undead
15th MikeW - Orcs
16th Nestyr - Khemri

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a great couple of days and we are already planning ahead for extras in the prize packs and arrangements for next year.
- Carbrawn
Aug. 3rd, 2011
New Death record!
The 'Most kills inflicted in a match' has jumped from 4 to 6 in the the infernal comedy - FUBAR Fellows (Chaos Cup II, round 6) which also equaled the record for 'Most violent match'.

What a massacre, the infernal comedy lost a Marauder and their Minotaur Judas while FUBAR Fellows carried 2 Blockers, a Troll Slayer and their Super Star Blitzer Torgar Fastfist home in boxes. The $690k value of the missing FUBAR players was short of the injury record for a single team but the value of their dead players at $520k beats the Anarchist Angels who were the previous holders of the unwanted record with a measly $330k.
- Carbrawn

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