Hammer of Hashut

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Big Pete

Hammer of Hashut team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 7th, 2013 - old news
Empire Records 2 - Grand Final
Welcome to the Empire Records Grand Final match-up between the Hammer of Hashut and the reigning Minor League champions the FUBAR Fellows.

Pre-match the Hammer of Hashut hired a wizard; FUBAR Fellows purchased two cards (a Magic Item and Miscellaneous Mayhem). The weather was very sunny, however, with neither team renowned for their aerial bombardment, the impact wasn’t expected to be significant. With 70,000 fans in the stands, the match got under way.

Hammer of Hashut receive the opening kick-off and proceeded to slowly grind their way down the pitch despite a string of poorly executed blocks. The Chaos Dwarfs were in a strong position to score by turn 4, but scrambling Dwarven defence was able to spill the ball loose. By turn 6 Bharzhakh the Mighty was able to scoop up the ball near the end zone. The Dwarves played their miscellaneous mayhem card (eclipse), giving every player the stats of rookie goblins, however, Bharzhakh the Mighty was able to rumble in for a turn 7 score. The Dwarves had two turns left with the Death Roller hitting the field but were unable to level the score. The first half ended with Hammer Hashut up 1-0 and considerable carnage on the field. The Bull Centaur Makharth the Swift was out with a serious injury for the Chaos Dwarves by Balak Fastfist and for the Dwarves Fred Stonewall was dead and Tougar Fastfist seriously hurt after being saved from death by the Dwarven apothecary.

The second half opened with the Dwarves receiving and a riot. The ferocious battle continued, with Balak Fastfist smashing the ankle (-MA) of the claw Chaos Dwarf Rhakhorth Ironheart who was promptly executed by the Chaos Dwarf apothecary. With Balak Fastfist on the ground after piling on, a sneaky hobgoblin foul sent the legendary Dwarven killer to the grave. The Chaos Dwarf Wizard sent a lightning bolted at the Runner Donal FleetFoot and the Bull Centaur Bharzhakh the Mighty was able to scoop up the loose ball for a turn4 score. The out-numbered FUBAR Fellows used their magic item (Gloves of Holding) on runner Donal FleetFoot, who was able to out manoeuvre an overly aggressive Chaos Dwarf defence for a late consolation TD.

The match ended in a 2-1 with a victory by the Hammer of Hashut over a very determined FUBAR Fellows team. Injuries were particularly vicious on both sides with four deaths (one saved by apothecary) and a serious injury. The new holders of the Empire Records trophy now progress into the Dungeon Bowl where the Chaos Dwarves take on the heavy calibre teams of the Majors.
- Big Pete
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open2, Assassins Cowl2, Empire Records2, Dungeon Bowl 3
Trophies won:
Minor League Winner: Empire Records2
Most Casualties: Empire Records2
Most Fatalities: Empire Records2




Origins Season 3 Winner
Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1

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