Blue Collars

Race:  Elf
Coach:  Grimrod

Blue Collars team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 16th, 2011 - old news
Revenge will be ours!
After what can only be described as the worst game of the season in the SF, the Blue Collars are out for revenge in the opening match of the Dungeon Bowl II. Lets see how the Skaven go without 450K in inducements...
With two players killed, and many more injured at the end of last season the Collars have rebuilt, and are ready to take on all comers!
New team motto for this season, "Stay outta tackle zones!" One Blitz per turn means i should have at least 6 players for the second half...
- Grimrod
Tournaments played:
Spike Trophy II, Empire Records, Chaos Cup II
Trophies won:
Rookie League Winner: Spike Trophy II
Fair play award: Spike Trophy II, Chaos Cup II
Most TDīs: Empire Records
Highest Player Loss: Chaos Cup II





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